JavaScript Introduction to Object Oriented JavaScript

Learn about the JavaScript object model and using the concepts of object oriented programming in JavaScript.

Learn to Create Object Oriented JavaScript!!!

JavaScript typically lacks some of the features of Object Oriented Programming. Within this course we show you how to add these into JavaScript and use objects in JavaScript as you typically would in Object Oriented Programming. This can make your JavaScript more reusable and robust.

We have designed this course to optimize practicing JavaScript coding.


Try the code after each video lesson. PDF copy and paste code that we use within the course and TRY FOR YOURSELF.

Everything you need to learn about JavaScript Object Oriented Programming is provided within this course.

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Learn how Javascript works and it's fundamental concepts when it comes to Object Oriented Programming. Learn to build your own Javascript code to make you website more interactive.

Introduction to Object oriented JavaScript
JavaScript Intro Namespace and definitions
OOP JavaScript terms
JavaScript Define a Global Object
Working with JavaScript Objects Properties
Exercise 1 create a JavaScript object
Create a simple object
JavaScript object method
Setup a JavaScript Method Exercise 2
JavaScript constructor Objects
Literal version vs Constructor Version Exercise 3
Update New Object
JavaScript New instances
JavaScript OOP class instances
JavaScript creating prototype methods
Practice Methods Exercise 4
JavaScript setup inheritance Child parent
Setup inheritance exercise 5
JavaScript Parent Child inheritance
Inheritance Exercise 6
JavaScript OOP Public and Private
Public and Private Classes Exercise 7
JavaScript OOP Polymorphism
Polymorphism Exercise 8

What's included

  • 13 Video Lessons
  • 11 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Laurence Svekis