JavaScript AJAX PHP mySQL create a Dynamic web Form project

Use JavaScript and PHP to create a database submission AJAX form. Project using JSON AJAX PHP mySQL JavaScript together

Learn how to make a DYNAMIC WEB FORM that uses AJAX to pass data to MySQL. Learn how to make your HTML page content interact with BACK-END code.

Learn how to make JavaScript come to life, we show you all the building blocks you need to create your own JavaScript interactive applications.

Source files included!!! No wasted time we get right to the point. Lots of extras to help you learn.

This course covers JavaScript and the fundamental code syntax. We show you the DOM and why it is essential for dynamic web content. Then jquery in order to save time and speed up the design process. JSON to transfer data between front and back end code. Then PHP constructor code to interact with MySQL to bring data in from a web form. No page refresh with AJAX form submission. Also use AJAX to pull data from PHP in JSON format to output it on your webpage. This is a course that brings it all together how it work together. An AJAX web form can be then used in many variations in order to build out your own dynamic AJAX pages. We also use bootstrap for styling. Learn how to output PHP array data as JSON so that it can be brought into JavaScript to placed within HTML.

Everything you need to learn about creating Dynamic JavaScript web applications is provided within this course.

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Introduction to building a JavaScript AJAX form that submits data to mySQL
JavaScript Introduction
JavaSript Output to HTML document
JavaScript Getting to know Variable Types
Declare a variable and assign it a numeric value
JavaScript Constructing New Objects
Create a simple object
JavaScript Common Operators Explained
JavaScript working with Conditions Switch if Else
Complex conditions using if… else if
JavaScript Functions returns calculations Explained
Create a simple function which accepts multiple parameters and returns a computed value
JavaScript Dynamic Event Listeners Change HTML
What is the DOM Document Object Model
Working withthe DOM eventlisteners
JQuery saves time over JavaScript
AJAX Server Response no Page Refresh
Introduction to using JSON in JavaScript
phpmyAdmin Create Table
PHP database connection code
PHP fetch MySQL querry data output as JSON
PHP mySQL insert into database
PHP validation error checking JSON output of array data
PHP code for inserting review
PHP orderby update
HTML form setup and Bootstrap Coding
JavaScript Value Setup and Clear
JavaScript AJAX call return JSON from PHP
JavaScript AJAX to populate HTML from Database
Project Summary Submit data to Database using AJAX
setting up localhost programming environment
Setup Programming environment XAMPP
XAMPP control panel
phpmyadmin how to use it
Bootstrap Introduction and setup

What's included

  • 31 Video Lessons
  • 5 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Laurence Svekis