Introduction to JSON JavaScript Object Notation Tutorial

Learn how to use JSON the leading language-independent data format on the web Human-readable text to transmit data APIs

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Learn the power of JSON, a must know topic for any web developer. JSON is popular and easy to use. This course will help you learn how to use JSON and teach you what you need to know about JSON.

JSON: Alternative to XML that is being adopted everywhere because of its powerful ability to transmit data between a server and web application. Web applications are becoming more dynamic and JSON is helping to drive that ability.

Everything you need to learn about JSON is provided within this course.

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Our practical approach will teach you to use JSON in you own web applications.

Course Introduction
Course Tips
JSON Explained Syntax vs XML
JSON Create an Object in Javascript
Create a simple object
Setting up JSON object JavaScript
JSON multi object data
Setting up Objects code sample 2
JSON Object Updated values
Update Objects code sample 3
JSON dotted and quoted
Objects code sample 4
JSON arrays in Objects
Objects code sample 5
Access elements of an array
JSON file access from AJAX
AJAX JSON code sample 6
working with JSON data files
JSON Objects code sample 7
Object Naming
JSON parse text data
Objects JSON.parse code sample 8
JavaScript Syntax JSON
JSON validation
jquery code sample 9
Looping of returned JSON data
dynamic JSON with PHP
PHP and JSON source Files 1
PHP and JSON source Files 2
PHP and JSON source Files 3

What's included

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