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Learn how to integrate APIs into your web content Twitter API Google Maps Facebook API JSON AJAX developer guide

APIs are an extremely powerful way to access content and interact with severs across the internet. Within this course we show you how to use simple JavaScript and connect to popular web 2.0 APIs like Twitter, Google Maps, and Facebook. We show you how AJAX works and how to use JSON to transfer and output data onto your webpage.

We use HTML and CSS to setup the webpage, and JavaScript to pull data onto the page.

AJAX and how to connect and output file information into HTML using JavaScript.

JSON - as a data source, how to check JSON and parse it using JavaScript.

Google Maps - is done using JavaScript, we show you how to add interactive maps, set markers and more. Basic JavaScript knowledge is used but not required.

Twitter Developer API - We introduce you to the Twitter Developer console, how to create applications and widgets. We show several ways to place Twitter data on your site, including Twitter Widgets, JavaScript only format for search, timelines and user info. Twitter REST API, to pull user feed, search twitter for hashtags, post tweets and more. PHP is used in this lecture but PHP knowledge is not necessary, the source code can be copied and updated with your own keys to access the API. If you want to learn how to access Twitter and create applications that interact with Twitter this course will teach you how.

Facebook - Using the JavaScript SDK, we show you how to login, access the Facebook API and pull back data. Authorizing your applications with Facebook authorization.

All the source code is included, step by step learning and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Introduction to course and what you will learn
Introduction to APIs
Web APIs resources
JavaScript web APIs
XMLHttpRequest requests
JavaScript API AJAX requests
JavaScript API access options
API source code
JavaScript API JSON
JavaScript API JSON as object data
source JSON
JSON Resources Online
Resource for JSON
JavaScript API AJAX URI data source connection
JavaScript API AJAX for each loop return object data
AJAX JSON sourcecode
JavaScript API setting up Google Map API
JavaScript API working with Google Map
JavaScript API Google Map Properties
JavaScript API add marker
JavaScript API Google Map Event Listener
Google Map Source Code
JavaScript API twitter Widget API introduction
Twitter JavaScript API JavaScript Only option
Twitter API resources
Twitter Setting up Feed JavaScript API
Twitter API PHP code explanation
PHP Twitter API setup
Query on a hashtag Twitter API
Twitter API posting tweets via REST API
Twitter Project Source Files
Basic Facebook API setup
Facebook Resource Guide
Facebook Social Plugins
JavaScript Facebook API login
JavaScript SDK Facebook login process
Simple Facebook Login Sourcecode
Web APIs and Course Resources

What's included

  • 27 Video Lessons
  • 11 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Laurence Svekis